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Art by American Artist Tim Taylor. Painting, Ceramics, Multimedia Sculpture, Ultraviolet, and Installation. Artwork by Timothy Taylor is also online at, a clone of this website, is being built soon. The link above to directs to an older, commercial template format hosted by ArtSlant, and will probably not be re-newed in 2018. This site is slowly building, but it's all custom coded by the artist, there are no ads, 3rd parties or tracking, and you are as close as it gets to being in the artists studio.

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The Art Machine Page is Now Online

"Art Machine" is an assembly made from over 35 individual small sculptures, created at the Wassard Elea Refugium for Artists and Scholars in 2016, where Taylor spent the better part of the year. During that time the Residency had guest aesthetics philosophers, music composers, performing artists, painters and writers. The topics of the philosophers, who are source material for art critics, included "the ugly", in addition to on-going discussions about form, function, and commercialization in contemporary art. "Art Machine" is destined for the Sculpture Portfolio page, but you can view it now here.

Memories from 2017 has been temporarily removed for re-construction


Ceramic work and the paintings were completed just days before the show opened.

Here are a few pictures of the paintings and ceramics that were on display at the Louvre.

"Static" Acrylic on Linen

"Sky Parcels" Acrylic on Linen

"Map" Acrylic on Linen

Ceramic "Clay Forms"

Some of the Clay Forms were Raku-fired

"Space Junk", Raku-fired Stoneware

"Clay Ball" Raku-Fired Stoneware

"Clay Ball 2", Raku-Fired Stoneware

Returning to the Artist Residence in Italy after the show in France, there was some work to do on a new Fresco Form, and on a sketch for installation, "Factory"

"Fresco Form"

"Fresco Form", 2016, 100 cm X 50 cm X 50 cm, Pigment in Plaster on Polystyrene

"Factory", 2016, is a pvc pipe construction with 37 lights and nearly 15 meters of wire in the circuit. It runs on 3 Volt batteries for about 5 minutes before it burns out completely at ten. So the Gallery owner arranged for an electrician to add a transformer and step down. They say it plugs in now.

Click here to go to pictures of "Factory".

A month earlier in September was the Rotterdam Art Fair, followed by an Artists Residency in Italy that lasted through November.

The Rotterdam Art Fair, September 2016.

The doors opened at 8 PM for a private opening.
The show opened to the public for one day, Saturday.

3 Sculptures on Exhibit at Rotterdam '16


May and June 2016 was at the Wassard Elea Artists residency in Southern Italy. At the time the philospohers with an interest in art were discussing the topic "The Ugly", even as thay say was used by Warhol.

Here are a few snapshots of art finished in Italy.

"Art Machine Parts"; 2016
Plaster on Polyurethane.

"Art Machine"; 2016
Latex on Machine Parts assembled with Epoxy.

The Art Machine and it's parts.

"Melting Tree"; 2016

Plaster on Steel Wire

"Fresco Form"; 2016
Watercolor on Plaster over Polyurethane

"Gesso Form" 2016
Plaster on Polyurethane